Welcome !

I am an assistant professor of physics at the Université de Lyon. I lead the Subglacial Hydrodynamics and Ice-Water Interactions (SHIWI) research team at the Laboratoire de Physique of ENS de Lyon. Our goal is to improve forecasts of the melting of polar ice caps and guide the exploration of subsurface lakes and oceans on icy planets and moons in the solar system. To this end, we investigate the hydrodynamics of subglacial water environments and the physics of ice-ocean interactions using high-resolution numerical simulations. We are aiming to set up a laboratory experiment of melting ice in water to complement our computational efforts in the coming years.


  • Louis-Alexandre Couston
  • Joseph Nandaha
  • Clément de la Salle

Current Research Projects

  • Hydrodynamics of subglacial lakes

  • Hydrodynamics and phase changes in subglacial water lenses


If you’re looking for me or want to reach out, try

  • my email: louis.couston[AT]ens-lyon.fr, or
  • my office: M1 020, ENS de Lyon, 46, allée d’Italie, 69007, Lyon, France.

Note that I go by Louis, altough my full first name is Louis-Alexandre.


I do not have PhD or postdoctoral funded positions to offer at the moment. Prospective students and postdocs with an interest in ocean and atmospheric dynamics, the cryosphere, and/or space exploration (icy moons) are yet encouraged to send me an email as funding opportunities can arise anytime! You may also check out Campus France, Campus Bourse and the Foreign Affairs webpages for funding opportunities.

PhD students abroad may have the opportunity to visit our lab 12 months through the Effeil grant. Please send me an email if your PhD topic fits our research interests.

Postdoctoral researchers (especially those with already postdoc experience) are strongly encouraged to apply for the Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship, which is a prestigious fellowship that is often used as a way to subsequently obtain a job in academia. The program Make our planet great again offers a 1-year postdoc fellowship, with a start date in september 2022. Please send me an email if you’re interested in joining our lab to work on ice-ocean and ice-lake interactions or more generally geophysical fluid dynamics. CNES (space agency) also offers 2-year postdoctoral fellowships that may support research on icy moons and dwarf planets.

Brief CV

I’ve spent 7 years abroad. Don’t hesitate to ask if you’re interested in moving to or collaborating with the UK or US.