Meet our team !

Current Members

  • Dr. Louis-Alexandre Couston (PI, assistant professor, UCBL/ENSL)
  • Dr. Jason Reneuve (postdoctoral teaching fellow, AGPR, ENSL; Stochastic nature of Quasi-Biennial Oscillation flows)
  • Brivaël Collin (PhD student, ENSL; Lab experiments of ice melting in salt water; co-supervised with R. Volk and S. Joubaud)


Click on the research topic of past student members to see their internship report.


  • Dr. Benjamin Favier (CNRS researcher, IRPHE/CNRS)
  • Dr. Michael Le Bars (senior CNRS researcher, IRPHE/CNRS)
  • Prof. Adrian Jenkins (professor, University of Northumbria)
  • Prof. Martin Siegert (professor, Imperial University)
  • Dr. Paul Holland (researcher, British Antarctic Survey)
  • Prof. John Taylor (associate professor, Cambridge University)
  • Dr. Eric Hester (Hedrick assistant adjunct professor, University of California Los Angeles)
  • Prof. Daniel Lecoanet (assistant professor, Northwestern University)